Day 33 of my 40 day new skincare routine and 2 weeks of being dairy free

7 Days to go.

Here’s an interesting thing that’s been happening to me…

Those who know me personally, could probably attest that I’m a complete sweet tooth. But almost immediately (24-48hours) after becoming dairy free, I’ve stopped craving sweets. I have had dark chocolate here (ever since Mothers Day) but I’ve only eaten one square of it so far (and gave one to my husband), but other than that I haven’t had anything sweet. Before I started this dairy free diet, I would’ve destroyed that bar of chocolate.

I’m 2 weeks dairy free tomorrow and I won’t go back to eating ‘normal’…Why? I tell you..

  1. I have MORE energy
  2. I haven’t had a single whitehead or new pimple for over 10 days or so
  3. I’ve lost a bit of weight (not that I need to lose weight, it’s still nice)
  4. I have less stomache issues
  5. I’m currently on my period and usually I would be covered in whiteheads (see the photo below of Feb.28th , Day 1 of my cycle), but my skin is completely clear besides the nodule

On a dairy free diet, I can pretty much eat whatever I ate before, minus all the ‘unhealthy’ dairy stuff, which is usually also laden with sugar (I’m talking to you..cake, biscuits, milk chocolate, etc.)

Do I miss Pizza, Lasagne or things like pasta bakes? Yes (but not as much as in the beginning). Would I rather have nice skin and less stomache problems? YOU BET.

I think for me, it definitely helps having no dairy and waaaay less sugar. My skin seems so happy.

As for my skincare routine I’ve switched it up to an even more minimalistic regime.

I use in the…AM: Sante refreshing washing gel, Liz Earle Skinrepair Light Moisturiser

and in the PM: Sante refreshing washing gel, Liz Earle Skinrepair Light Moisturiser and DUAC

Please note: IF I wear makeup, I use Vita Coco Coconut Oil to take that off first. Also, I will be selling all the skin products on ebay, that I’m not going to use anymore. There’s no need to clutter up my cabinet.

Does it actually matter what I’m putting on my skin? Probably not that much as I don’t really have sensitive skin. It’s more important to work on your skin from the inside.

The DUAC will hopefully help with the nodule I’ve been having for over a month now. Although at this point I sort of doubt it. I have a friend, back in Germany, who’s a beautician and she told me, it will most likely have to be lanced/removed. I share her views, but the problem with the NHS in England is, that the GP has to work through a protocol. They have to give you a topical solution first, then antibotics and last, if none of that worked, you finally get referred to a derm.

I will have to use DUAC for 6 weeks, the antibotics probably for a week or two and god knows, how long it will take to get the appointment with the derm.

But you know what? All of this doesn’t really matter. I only have this tiny nodule on my chin, the rest of my face is totally under control and I couldn’t be happier.IMG_1522

Feb. 28th was when everything went out of control (also the 1st day of my period), this was when I still consumed dairy products

Apr. 2nd (today) I’ve been dairy free for 2 weeks and consume less sugar, I’m not using harsh chemicals on my face and I’ve been using DUAC 3 times on my chin area. That area is a bit on the dry side, as DUAC dries it out, but it’s not itching, red or flaky. And last but not least, I’m completely free of whiteheads.

I’ll be 33 in a few months and I can’t tell you, how nice it is to wake up in the morning and not to think : ‘So, how many whiteheads do we have to deal with today?’.

How about you, have you found that living dairy free has improved your skin drastically? Leave a comment 🙂

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