Mr. Justin Case’s Clutter…

I’ve been doing this decluttering thing for almost a month now and I would like to believe that I’m already living a minimalist life (mentally anyways), but sometimes, when I’m looking for more clutter to part with, I come across Mr. Justin Case.

Mr. Justin Case always wants to “help”.
His specialities are (but not limited to):

  • expensive clutter (the kind that never or hardly got used),
  • 4 pairs of scissors,
  • 17 Allen Keys,
  • and any other sort of clutter,

Mr. Justin Case steps right in to tell you that you have to keep it just in case.
Oh, what a little bugger.

I find it especially hard to get rid of expensive clutter.

I don’t know about you, but it annoys me, when I’ve paid good money for something and then weeks, months or even years later I come to the realisation that I’ve never used the item.
Aside from the fact, that I paid lots for it, I do want to get rid of it, but more often than not, Justin Case comes out to tell me that there will be a time when I will need the item (that never happens).

It’s the same with every other item that falls into my hands. Justin Case will always tell me to keep everything.

In case you’re wondering, Mr.Justin Case is an old fella.
I believe, he first showed up when my grandparents lived through war times in West Germany.

Back in those days people didn’t have much.
Not much food, not much clothes, not much of anything and definitely no clutter.

Back in those days it made sense to hold on to whatever you’ve had.

Later on in my grandparents lives when my father and aunt and eventually myself came around, my grandparents had lots, lots of everything. Money, food, clothes, cars, the whole deal.
I understand that.
They lived through hell, didn’t have much and then, when it was over they kept everything and kept accumulating more, because they didn’t know, if there would be more hard times coming their way.

But it’s 2016 now.
I personally live in a 1st world country.
There is no reason for me to keep any type of Mr. Justin Case clutter.
And if you’re able to read this post, there’s a big chance that you don’t need to keep Mr. Justin Case clutter around either.

Mr. Justin Case disguises himself to look helpful, but on our decluttering journey he’s just a heavy weight holding us down.
Say au revoir to him and let him and his clutter go.
You and I are better off without him and his shady post war tactics.

Let go of the expensive clutter, the scissors, the huge amount of Allen keys and all the other Mr. Justin Case clutter, you will feel much better.

Today, I got rid of the following item:


  • A lot of Allen keys, ha.

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