Actions speak louder than words…

My husband started saying that, “One day, I’ll come home and there won’t be anything left”.
I know he’s joking, but it’s interesting to see, that after I got rid of huge amounts of stuff in the last few weeks, he felt like going through his own stuff.

He’s never been unorganised or hoarder-like in the first place, but Continue reading “Actions speak louder than words…”


Okay, bye-bye…

“WHEN does the decluttering stop?” and “WHEN will you be a full minimalist?” are a couple of the questions that I get asked.

The answers to those questions:

The journey of decluttering and staying decluttered Continue reading “Okay, bye-bye…”

Just when you thought…

Ah, yes! Just after a week of extreme decluttering, you end up going through the most obvious space last, because we all know, it’s not going to end well.

We must have gotten rid of thousands of items and I’m feeling much lighter. But in the back of your head you Continue reading “Just when you thought…”