A Year Of Not Buying Anything

Hello everybody,

First off…sorry for the radio silence, but I decluttered so much that I was too busy and eventually didn’t have anything to post anymore.

Overall, I’d say I got rid of a staggering 85% of my belongings and it feels so refreshing.

I spend less time cleaning the house and have more time to worry about the really important things in life.

I truly feel like a new person.

So, a couple days ago I decided to do a 1 year of not buying anything challenge


I know, I’ve been blogging about getting rid of stuff and minimalism in general, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a typical woman who ‘enjoys’ shopping to a certain degree. I use the word enjoy loosely as I don’t actually enjoy shopping that much anymore.

In fact a few days ago, I went into a Poundland and spent £9 on crap (excuse my language, but that’s the best way to describe it)

I’m still angry at myself for doing this, hence the shopping ban for a year. I’m completely over buying things I don’t need in my life. I keep thinking about early retirement, yes, I’m only in my early 30’s, but it’s never too early to think about these things.

I don’t pay for utility bills or grocery (my husband does), so the only thing I take care of at the moment are things that the little one needs.

I do want to save the rest of the money I get and once I go back to work, I want to save as much as possible too (ideally 80-90%).

I don’t think the challenge will be easy for me, as the Christmas markets are opening next month and Christmas is around the corner, but I will try my best to resist all temptation.

Here’s a list of things I’m not allowed to splurge on (because they’re the worst offenders):

Clothes (not even underwear), accessories, cosmetics, take aways, eating out, sweets, nic nacs, £1 crap
And some exceptions:

Replacing broken things that I can’t do without, medication, hygiene products, much needed things for the little one, gifts for my husbands birthday and one small Christmas gift.

Speaking of Christmas.. I have 2 gifts for the little one (that I bought back in the January sale) and that’s it. Hopefully the rest of the family will be okay with not getting anything from me. I warned them months ago, but I don’t think they’re taking me seriously.

Have you ever done a no spend month or even year?

One thought on “A Year Of Not Buying Anything

  1. I love Poundland but you do end up buying stuff just because it’s a £1. I heard a really good quote and I’ve never forgotten it “it’s only a bargain when you need it” keep up the blogging as I’ve enjoyed reading through your page x


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