1 Month of no buying…

I did it…mostly.
In the last month I haven’t bought anything at all.
Well, except for some baby clothes for my child. I feel half accomplished because of it. But truth be told, small children grow faster than weed, so it had to be done.

Other than that, I’m extremely happy with my new lifestyle.
The constant decluttering and living a more minimalistic life is great and I can only recommend it.

No matter if you only want to save up money for something bigger or really change your life.
It’s so cleansing.

One month in and it’s getting a bit harder to find things to declutter.
But thanks to relatives, we always end up with new clutter (no one seems to take my new lifestyle serious, except for my husband).
I hope eventually they realise that it’s pointless to give us things, as 9 out of 10 times they will end up at the charity shop soon after. So, fingers crossed!

I’d really like to get rid of more plates, cups and glasses, but my husband really wants to keep them, so I let him. In the end, it’s all about compromises.

Overall it’s way easier to tidy up and keep everything neat, which I love, because who wants to waste their free time with tidying up?! Obviously, our floor is covered in toys ’til our child goes to bed, but it takes less than a minute to tidy up.

All Minimalist Challenge of the day:

I’d like you to go through your kitchen cupboards and see, if there are any expired items that you can get rid of (I’m looking at you expired spices)

Today, I got rid of the following items:

  • An eyeshadow palette (very good dupe of the Urban Decay one) that I haven’t used once. I bought 3 different ones and this one had to go.
  • Wells hair products. They smell amazing, no doubt, but I just couldn’t see or feel a difference. Therefore they’re not worth the money and definitely not the space in our house.

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