Less buying, more saving…

I’m a black or white person in my approach to pretty much anything. For me there are no grey areas. I either love or hate, I either spend a lot or nothing at all.
That’s why I have decided for myself not to spend any money at all this year. The only exclusions are food and if something I need breaks.

As you might know from reading some of last weeks posts, I went through my DVD collection and sold some of my DVDs.
I really wanted to sell my entire collection, because I just don’t need it anymore, but unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot of the boxes left. So, I will have to hang onto the discs for a bit longer and then decide what to do with them.

Anyways, while I have given away most of my clutter to charity (over 25 bags) I do find, that all of a sudden I attract extra money.

Of course this is no surprise, when you decide not to spend your money, but I didn’t think that I would make any sort of money when getting rid of my clutter.
I choose not to go the eBay route, mainly because it’s just too time consuming and less effective, when you want to make an immediate impact in your home.

But let me tell you what has happened over the last few days.
I sold my DVDs for a very small amount to CEX, this is a chain store in the UK which buys used electronics, CDs, DVDs and the likes,
and then I also managed to sell a baby bundle for a decent price on gumtree.
When I say decent, I mean that it was for about 1/4 of the original price, but since the bundle was a gift to me, I made a profit.
Today, I also got some cashback and a nice bonus on top from Quidco.
I haven’t bought anything in weeks, so this cashback was accumulated last year, but it’s nice to get all this extra money, while not spending any.

This ‘No buy anything year’ has been easy so far until yesterday.

I might get a bit sidetracked here, but I would like to tell this little story.
It was yesterday, when I realised how obese my purse is.
Now, I’m not the discriminating type, but my purse is packed to the brim with store cards that let you collect points. Also, the only bag I currently use is very small, so while this monster of a purse still fits in, nothing else does.
Anyways, I started looking online for a smaller purse. The less compartments the better.
To make a long story short, I saw lots, I bookmarked some and then didn’t end up buying any of them.
Later that day we met relatives. We haven’t seen them in ages and they brought us christmas gifts.
And wouldn’t you believe, my gift was a very small purse.
2 card compartments, 1 coin compartment. That’s it. It’s a minimalistic beauty.

Did I need a new purse? Of course I didn’t.
But was it the perfect timing for this little purse to come into my life without me having to spend anything? Absolutely.

I still apply the ‘One in and two out of the house rule’. So, my old purse and a few other things will go to charity.

When I think about minimalism and decluttering it’s not about making money…ever. It’s about freeing up space and being happier with less.

In the case of my story, a much smaller purse that came into my life as a gift not only made me happy, but it also helped me to free up some space in my bag and declutter an old useless item.

Today, I got rid of the following items:

  • Some old linen.
  • Baby clothes.

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