The law of attraction…

In yesterday’s post I’ve mentioned the huge amount of Allen Keys that I’ve found in our toolbox.

Surely, this not so unusual collection must have started with just one tiny Allen key.
And surely we didn’t plan to have that many and give them a home for years without reuse.

But it happened. We’re guilty as charged.

Allen keys, like any other clutter, enter your home and that’s where  the law of attraction comes in and gives you more and more…and more.
If you’re not on the case, you end up with enough Allen keys to start a job at IKEA.

Jokes aside, it’s funny how we bring one item into our home, Allen key or not, and if we’re not constantly keeping an eye on it, they just keep accumulating.
Newspapers, magazines, free beer glasses, buy 2 get the 3rd free items, etc., etc.
You get the idea.

Decluttering and fighting the fight against the law of attraction will have to be fought every time something new enters your home.
And that’s absolutely fine.
Personally, I still haven’t bought anything new or even used, since I’ve started this journey, but I know this is not for everyone.

My advice for today: Don’t be an Allen key collector 😉

Today, I got rid of the following items:

  • A skirt. I got this in a sale a few weeks before Christmas last year. It’s still got the tag on and I really can’t see myself wearing it.
  • An umbrella. I’ve used this one quite a lot, but I don’t use it anymore.




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