Cleaning out my closet…

My closet has never been that bad, but there was definitely too much clutter in it. Too much clutter, that I never or hardly wore. I always seemed to pick the same items to wear. It’s the typical ‘We wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time’-situation.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday (Shopping for happiness), I used to go shopping for all kinds of reasons, so of course, I ended up with lots of clutter in my closet.

Now, I don’t have a photo of the before, because when I started this journey, I just didn’t think of taking photos or of starting a blog. There was just too much of everything.

I kinda regret that now, but I can assure you, that you’re not missing out on anything (it was just clutter after all).

I also regret, spending thousands of pounds (not that I counted) on clothes that I didn’t or hardly wore. Ugh! I can only repeat myself, but, what a waste!

Dresses and tops were the worst offenders. My style hasn’t changed that much over the years, but clothes always appealed more to me, when I was in store. ‘Must’ve been the lighting or the fact that I just had to buy something.

Once home, the fabric, cut or colour just seem off (maybe that’s my own fault, as I’d buy them on the highstreet were the fit and quality can be hit or miss) and then I’d just be annoyed.

I would proceed to put the items on a hanger, and I’d tell myself that I will find a reason to wear them…one day. Obviously, that day never came.

With that sort of realisation, I was now able to finally get rid of all these unneccersary clutter-clothes (I like the ring of it…cluuutterrrr-clooothes) and boy, do I feel great about it.

Now, I have about 30 items in my closet at the moment.

  • 7 pairs of jeans/ leggings
  • 5 dresses
  • 3 jackets
  • 15 tops

Not included: Underwear, socks (I have about 10 pairs), accessories (5 necklaces, down from about 30+) and shoes (4 pairs).

I don’t plan on buying anything new, unless it’s broken. So far, I haven’t slipped up.

Without further ado, here it closet.


I mentioned before, just how important it is to LOVE an item. So, I must tell you, dear readers, that not all of those 30 items tickle my fancy. BUT I can’t get rid of the items I don’t love…yet, as it’s still winter, and the items I don’t really like, are unfortunately winter items.

Can you say dilemma?!

For now, I’m working with what I already have and maybe next winter, I’ll avoid the cheaper shops on the highstreet and get myself some timeless, quality items that I’ll LOVE, because nobody has time to wear clutter-clothes.

What’s the state of your closet at the moment? Minimalistic bliss or hoarder hell?

Today, I got rid of the following items:

  • A silver dog figurine that someone on tour gave me as a gift
  • A Ted Baker pouch with pens and a pair of scissors


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