It’s playtime…

I mentioned my “List of things to sort through” on yesterday’s blog entry and would like to use it as an example today.

Alot of people have kids, who happen to have toys…LOTS OF TOYS.

Let’s face it, going through your child’s mountain of toys can be daunting.

So, how do you decide which or how many toys should stay or go?

As a good rule of thumb, no matter how old your child is, it should probably have no more than 10-20 toys.
Obviously, this can be a sensitive topic as a lot of us LOVE to spoil our children.
BUT how many toys can a child play with at the same time and how often have you given them a new toy and they lost interest after less than an hour?!

It’s a bit annoying when you spent money on something and your child doesn’t even seem that interested.
Let’s think a step further, what comes with a huge amount of toys is tidying up.

Do you have a hard time getting your child to clean up their room?

Would you love to tidy up a room with hundreds of things?

So, to answer the questions…

If your child is old enough to decide for himself/herself, let them have a say in what goes and what stays. They will usually pick their favourites to stay and it will be much easier to determine the unloved toys. These can go straight to the charity shop, eBay or in the bin, if broken.

If your child is too young to decide, it’s the same thing. Determine which toys your child likes best and the rest can go.

I don’t blame a child for having a hard time tidying up their room and keeping it tidy, with that many stuff it’s hard.
Reduce the amount of toys and it will be much easier for your child to keep their room tidy.

And you never know, your child might come to appreciate the toys it does have already.

Today, I got rid of the following items:

  • 6 plastic plates and a bunch of plastic cutlery. I kept 1 fork, 1 knife and 1 spoon. That’s all my child needs.
  • Measuring cups. I can’t remember a single time I’ve used them.
  • A bathroom caddy. I don’t even know what I could say abou this useless item. I’m glad it’s gone.

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