Make a list…

“Should I keep it? Should I get rid of it? Do I love it? WHY do I have it? Is it mine? Is it someone else’s?”

These are a few of the questions that keep circling in my mind, when I look at an item.

You should try to always ask yourself these or similar questions, because it will definitely help you determine, if you really need/love an item or if it can go and free up space.

No matter, if you have a lot of stuff or just a tiny bit, I suggest making yourself a list, either on a piece of paper or on your phone.

My personal list isn’t too long at the moment, but no matter how long or short your list turns out to be, it’s a good starting point, as you can tick off the areas that you’re done with.
Aah, what satisfaction!

Here’s my “list of things to sort through”:

  • Linen basket
  • Toys
  • Greeting cards
  • Corner, next to sofa

Today, I got rid of the following item:


  • 21 DVDs. I still have a few hundred. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cases for those, otherwise I would sell them as well. Sure, I could try eBay , but it seems too much hassle. At the moment, I have those DVDs in a bag that can hold them neatly in place. They’re out of sight for now, but eventually I’ll have to come up with something.

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