Okay, bye-bye…

“WHEN does the decluttering stop?” and “WHEN will you be a full minimalist?” are a couple of the questions that I get asked.

The answers to those questions:

The journey of decluttering and staying decluttered will be going on forever as there will always be temptations and occasions where people still want to give you a materialistic gift. (You can give those gifts away later or get rid of something else in your home to accommodate the new item, if you love it)


“When will I ever be a full minimalist”? Well, as far as I’m concerned I’m already a full minimalist as I decided for myself that from now on I will not consume unnecessarily or surround myself with excess of everything. I don’t think you can say “Oh, I can’t be a minimalist until I live with less than 100items and live in a one room apartment.”

It just doesn’t work like that for everyone, because everyone is different. There are couples, singles, families, collectors, etc.

A question you might end up asking yourself is:

“How do you declutter when you just decided that you just have too much and want to live more minimalistic?”

My advice is to make 3 piles with things you:

  • NEED (on a regular basis)/LOVE, I mean, seriously, loving an item is the most important thing, at least for myself. Liking an item or just being like “Yeah, I don’t mind it, it’s okay” just won’t cut it anymore
  • things that can easily go to charity (e.g. they’re still in good, working condition and someone else will use them)


  • things that can go straight into the bin (items that can’t be used anymore, have holes etc.)

If you don’t love an item and you barely ever use it (if ever), what’s the point of keeping it and cluttering up your space?!

Use the room around you, no matter how small or big, and surround yourself with things you love and really need and chances are, you will be happier than before.

From today, I will try to post photos of the things I get rid of on a daily basis.

I’m a bit sad that I didn’t do this earlier, but it would’ve probably taken ages with the amounts that I got rid of.

Today, I got rid of these items:


  • A lipstick that I bought and literally wore twice. I knew the colour wasn’t right, but I clung onto it, because I didn’t want to throw it away after such short use. Now, I’m ready to let go.
  • And finally, an electric kitchen scale as you can tell by the dust on it, it hasn’t been used in ages. We still have a manual scale that’s way easier to operate and obviously, doesn’t rely on batteries.

If you have just started decluttering, like myself, what do you find hardest to get rid of?

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