Just when you thought…

Ah, yes! Just after a week of extreme decluttering, you end up going through the most obvious space last, because we all know, it’s not going to end well.

We must have gotten rid of thousands of items and I’m feeling much lighter. But in the back of your head you know there is one more space to look for clutter…

I’m talking about the dreaded storage space. Dun, dun, duuuun!!!

Now, we’ve been through our storage space before, but it must have been over a year or two.

You never really see the stuff that ends up going into storage, but what’s interesting is, even though you never see the stuff that’s in there, it’s there and you can feel it.

After hours of decluttering our storage space, here’s a photo of what’s going to the charity shop and leave our storage space forever. I’m happy.


  • A box of wedding table decorations
  • A stepper
  • DVDs
  • Pillows
  • A picture
  • A roller blind
  • A box of envelopes
  • An office chair
  • More clutter. At this point I can’t even remember ¬† It was just too much clutter.

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