Once upon a time…

If you would’ve seen me just 4 weeks ago, you wouldn’t believe the person I am today.

I was a full blown, out of control shopaholic. There, I said it. There was not a single weekend where I wouldn’t drag my poor husband and child into town or a shopping centre just to have “a look” (read: find something to buy).

No matter how small the purchase, I always had to buy something.

Then, I read an article in a newspaper about someone who preached about practicing “Gratitude”.

It made me think and then it made me think harder. Out of the blue I just started to look around the livingroom I was sitting in and thought to myself:”What is all this crap and how did it get this far?”.

I, partially, grew up with a stepfather who was a full blown hoarder. It was awful. There was clutter everywhere. I guess that’s why I have never turned into a hoarder or an untidy person.

Anyways, our house was clean and organised. Not too much decor, just the usual accumulations that you’d find in a house of a small family.

But somehow it was too much. I grabbed a few bin bags and started going through every drawer. Realising how many doubles we’ve had. Bin bag after bin bag filled up.

And there I was, 15 bin bags for the charity later and a few bags for the bin. I felt immediately better.

I actually felt free.

The next day I went through my closet and saw how many things either still had the tags on or were only worn once. What a waste of time and money.

It was then that I realised that money and more things don’t buy happiness.

Of course, I was grateful for being alive and well and that I had a lovely family. But when it came down to being grateful for what I had around me, in my own four walls, I only felt spoiled and ungrateful.

How could you be grateful for 1000s of items that you never even look at and let alone use?

You just stuff most of your possessions in a corner to never be seen again or for those “just in case”-moments.

This consumer frenzy had to end.

I wasn’t happy no matter how much I bought or already had.

Things that made me happy were spending quality time with my family and sharing nice moments with each other.

Spending hours on end in town didn’t at all and now my eyes are wide open.

Over the next few days, I got rid of more and more and it was then,  that I knew I wanted to be a minimalist from now on. And no, I’m not a hipster, who jumps on all these fashionable farces, I really just want to live a less complicated life.

I don’t plan to buy anything new this year. Unless I really need it or it’s broken. It won’t be easy and the people around me think I’m completely crazy, but I would really like to do this for myself. Obviously, it would be nice to save the money as well and maybe go on a nice trip or do something meaningful with it.

You know, just a few weeks ago, I was thinking about the weddings I’m invited to this year, and that I’d need new dresses for the occasion.

Now, the new me, is going to use the dresses that I already have in my, now sparse, closet (33 items). Why didn’t I think of this earlier on in life, instead of thinking :”Eek, I need new stuff!!!”?

For the first time in my life I’m really happy. Knowing that I don’t have to buy things to be a better person or happier. Also, if the things that we buy made us happy, wouldn’t we stop one day and just be happy?

I never knew in the past, why I was never quite happy. I was never able to put a finger on it and now that I’ve found the cause I’m immediately more grateful and calm. It’s so liberating.

I’m excited to share my minimalism journey with whoever comes across my little blog.

Thank you for reading my first post and apologies for my English, it’s not my first language 🙂



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